Apple Genius Bar

The apple Genius bar is just one of apples many stores. It may not be known to most, but at the same time the people who do know about the benefits of it, usually are the ones getting the support they need in a timely manner. The Genius Bar is mostly for tech support, acting like a station in a few Apple retail stores. The whole purpose of this store is to help the customers with tech issues for their apple products. Ron Jobson called it the "heart and souls of our stores". These in store repairs are mostly taken care of by "geniuses", (also known formally as Mac Geniuses. Now days, there is even more support covering the mobile devises like the smart phones and tablets like the iPod and iPhone in 2009 being a part of the Family Room Specialists, which would take care of these mobile issues. Now days the store has at least fifteen inch MacBook Pros that are mostly mounted on stands.
The Employees have not upgraded to using iPad to salve most of the computer problems because of the simulate they use. It is possible that they may have other "floating" laptops for iPod/iPhone support and or troubleshooting, which are mostly called "floaters". For the customers waiting for help, they get to see looped videos that have tips for the customers. This is a good tool that can easily solve simple problems the customer may have. The same thing for example is used for allot of other support for people who call in on phone, for not just apple but most big phone, cable, or internet companies. They also placed stools to set on for the customers to engage with each other as well as employees. Who knows, some customers may know another ones problems and solve it for them. This also is a good chance to meet new people.
At times, the employees may not be able to answer ever complicated problem or question. This is where the "Red Telephone" comes in to play. This telephone is directly connected to the Apple product specialists which helps solve any problems in plays of the employees. This phone however isn't available in the newest Apple Retail Stores. Employees of represent AppleCare, but it's just more personal as well as face to face to help customers with their apple products. As long as the customers have a warranty, they can get free service, if not, they can just pay for the service for a fee, but only when repairs are complete. Most portable computer repairs as well as desktop repairs generally are made in the stores.
The "Lead Genius" employees that schedule workers, as well as handling customer service support for issues at the Genius Bar. The Lead Genius would be assisted by the "Genius Admin", who is also in charge of the administrative paperwork, also organizes the Geniuses' and working with customers liaising about the repairs. The "GYO" are just the Trainees who are not yet certified, but are trained for most iPod and iPhone related issues, as well as helping out where there needed, before finally getting official training for certification at one of the many training locations around the world, and that includes: Georgia, Atlanta, Cupertino, California London, England, Austin, Texas as well as Ireland.
There are also two spinoffs of this bar and that's: The Studio and the iPod Bar, which are both from the Genius Bar concept.
The Studio is mainly staved by "trainers" that help customers who have questions about many consumer as well as pro apps, like iWork, iLife, Final Cut Pro, and Aperture. Of course, no third party applications are supported. The iPod Bar however serves more iPod related support and questions, which allows the Genius Bar to focus their support for Specific Mac queries. The Pro Labs have 8 hours of training that is spread around 4 two-hour sessions, which is allot like The Studio, which focuses on the pro apps, but helping to educated the customers more with apps like Final Cut pro, with their part apps like Photoshop. Pro Labs has a much more in depth learning experience. Open Lab is another great service, but unlike Genius Bar that focuses on hardware Open Lab focuses more on Software helping customers with a variety of applications.
Have you ever heard of "Genius" in iTunes that helps iTunes users find musical suggestions best on the users taste observed by iTunes? This name most likely came from the Genius Bar Name which was established in May 2001.

Here is a tip for anyone planning on visiting a Genius Bar. Make sure to back up all your data before coming into the store with your devise. This is before you come in after your reservation. When getting to the Genius Bar, make sure to ask a team member to check you in, or you can conveniently use the Apple Store App on your iPhone. During the session, the Genius will get information about your computer as well as answer any questions you may have. If your product does require repair, the Genius will give you some repair options to consider, with explaining the charges. Make sure to prepare the equipment for repair. Even though most sessions only last 15 minutes, some sessions may take longer depending on the depth of the problem or some other reason.
If you do have a Genius Bar in your area, make sure to check it out or find more information about it. If not, the next best thing is to call their toll free number, unless you prefer the more face to face approach which many do. This is why apple has been building more and more locations for the Genius Bar as well as the Spinoff concepts for iPods, and software training ect. If you do want in depth training, research about the locations closest to you and see if you can make an appointment.
To reserve an appointment in your nearest apple store, please go online to: The Genius Bar’s Website:
From There click “make a Genius Bar reservation:
Choose the nearest Store from you or based on preference.
I hope this information helped you even a little, in educating you about the “Genius Bar” and the other stores.