Atari 7800

Videos Games in general have been a controversial subject since the beginning of, well Video Games. Atari was one of the first video game companies that had their own unique style and innovations. The Atori 7800 ProSystem was released in 1986 and was the talk of the year.
It was much simpler of course than are complicated high tech games we have now. A simple Joystick that was also fully compatible with the Atori 2600, and it was also the first console to have a backward compatibility with no need for additional modules. The price back then was $140, probably considered expensive back then though. This launch was also considered a second release or a "re-release" or simply put: a "prelaunch" mostly because a few units were released to test the marked out around 1984 June. But by that time the Nintendo Entertainment System was already in the lead beating all competition with the new 8-bit market.
The new 7800 count compete with the Nintendo to hold attention and have a big footprint. A new Atari XEGS goes on market shelves only a year after the 7800. It was however considered the 17th best video game console of all time according to IGN in 2009. I’m thinking the Nintindo was in the Top Three along with Sega and Playstation, with DreamCast, (which by the way is still very much active, mostly in Japan with new games as well that have been release after it’s downfall in the US, but I do think, there wasn’t really a downfall, just a new market, and sega just started focusing on video games, like remaking more sonic games, and other popular remakes expanding its dominants in the industry. I do look forward to new consoles from Sega though)
Even though Atari didn’t seem to stand much of a chance against Nintendo, the console was still popular in its own way, gaining recognition from Game console historians and gaming fans in general. Atari is now most likely known everywhere even now.