iPhone Cases Specs

Most iPhone Cases have different varieties of styles, but end the end; it really just depends on your taste and style, and the brand you are looking for. The same problem was with the iPod Touch before the iPhone came out around 2006.
Finding the right case can be challenging, since Apple doesn't really make cases but most 3rd party companies do, which is a lucrative business for anyone. My sister need a case for her iPod Touch, and never found a case that matched her preference.
For example, since she's a girl, she always wants something girly like pink colors or of that type. Surprisingly, most stores we visited didn't have the right colors or styles she was looking for and she was very frustrated and decided to just order them online. Surprisingly places like Ebay and Amazon sell a good variety of cases to choose from, but not all sellers are from the U.S. This is not a bad thing, because the best cases are from other countries. They seem to know style better in my opinion. It is not hard to design a pink case, but all we saw were masculine and ugly looking cases in stores and even online.
But it was an improvement from normal stores that sell iPhone Cases and IPod Cases, still no luck. Finally my sisters met some Japanese older people and we got along fine and they were going to Japan for a week, and my sister ask them to buy an IPod Case. The lady brought a case from japan from Akihabara and gave it to her, which she paid her back once it arrived. It was in fact the kind of style she wanted, which to me was pretty ridiculous, because something in that color should have been available in most stores, but for some reason, no one is designing good iPhone Cases or iPod cases. I think since then, I have found better looking cases.
I wonder if the American Case companies were losing business. Or maybe America is just a masculine country that doesn't like girls having girly looking iPhone cases, and all the cases are designed by men who should be designing at all. You can find deferent specs for iPhone cases. For example: Candy shell iPhone Cases come in different colors, but it's not that cute looking, but just random colors to choose from with for example blue and black combinations , black with pink buttons, (not too bad), white and Pink, black with grey buttons, and more.
They also come with designs on the back. I would say that it is a much need improvement in style for iPhone Cases and much better than those zebra looking styles you see all the time. iPhone is a good quality phone, but most cases don't give it justice, but some companies like CandyShell seems to be getting it now. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for iPhone Cases.