Apple Watch

There is one product that already has everyone blogging about this year and even 2 years ago, and that is the Apple Watch. Before, it was originally supposed to be the iWatch, but I believe they were having trouble getting a pattern for the iWatch name in one country, which I will not name now, but they seemed to be reluctant to give the name and probably wanted billions of dollars for it.
Which was a bit greedy, because I’m sure they would have gotten a big amount for it? After all, everyone knows the iWatch would be an apple thing. This Year the Apple Watch was revealed during the apple conference. The revealed it to be the Apple Watch, which was shocking to most I'm sure. The watch didn't look like some cheap plastic looking devise though, it was really stylish and had its look, and was truly a watch if anything.
This watch has lots of amps that can be used with the iPhone 6 as well. In terms of form, not too much different from other smart watches simply because it's not as slim as the IPhone 6, but it does have its own unique look and features with sophistication. The iPhone controls are more like a watch. So I really think they were going for the simply watch feeling, as well as a personal interaction with product. Also I would say that other brands are already, and have been already producing their own watches, but can they beat Apple in their quality?
It seems like most companies find the cheap way to build the most high-tech gadgets, but what I do like about Apple is, they are innovative and create their own styles with new inventions that are followed by the rest. Even in computers they were in the lead before the normal PC came along with Bill Gates and Windows Platform. But Apple has stayed true to their style and made high quality computers, and after the iPhone came out for the first time Seven Years before the Apple Watch, people were ready to buy it before any PC. End the end, Quality seems to be Quantity and now Apple Watch and the other products have both, with the highest sales in recorded history more than all the other brands, with the iPhone alone. Will the Apple Watch have the same results? We will find out soon.