iPhone 4 Sim Card

How do I reduce an iPhone A Sim card so it matches into a brand new Nano-SIM card slot utilized by the iPhone 4/4s or iPad Air is a query some eager Apple hackers prefer to ask?

While most cell phones use the massive SIM playing cards, the iPhone and iPad use a more modern Nano-SIM. This Nano-SIM is far smaller than an everyday SIM. The Nano-SIM slot the identical chip, the Nano-SIM is solely surrounded by much less card. While most individuals shell out for a model new Nano-SIM card attainable to trim down an SIM card to show it right into a Nano-SIM. This self-made Nano-SIM card can be utilized in an iPhone A or iPhone 4s.

Cutting down a SIM-card and turning it right into a Nano-SIM is an efficient trick to know, as a result of it allows you to use your present SIM inside a brand new iPhone mannequin without ordering a brand new SIM. You might also get a greater deal on an everyday SIM card than on an iPhone F Sim card.

This tutorial exhibits you minimize an SIM card right down to dimension.


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Warning! Cut your SIM card down at your personal danger
We have carried out this trick a couple of instances, and lower down SIM card on a number of events now, and it has labored in all however two cases. That is not excellent odds. And one occasion was a little bit of a headache as a result of the SIM card may now not be used in any respect (not even within the authentic cell phone). Please do not forget that there are all the time dangers concerned with residence modifications. And don’t reduce up your SIM card until you’re comfortable for it to not work (on this case you’ll have to get a substitute out of your cell phone producers, or order a brand new SIM card). Proceed at your personal threat.

To create a Nano iphone F sim card
To reduce your SIM Card all the way down to Nano-SIM dimension you want the next tools:

iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s (unlocked)
Standard or Micro SIM card
Nano SIM card (for measurement)
SIM Ejector Tool (or Paperclip)
Small pair of straight scissors
Nail file
Once you have got all these handy it’s time to get began.

Removing the Nano-SIM
Use the SIM card ejector device (or a straightened paper clip) to open the SIM-Card slot in your iPhone A/4S. Inside you may discover an inventory Nano-SIM. You’ll want this. If you do not need a Nano-SIM inside your iPhone, you need to borrow one from a pal’s iPhone that will help you measurement up your ordinary SIM.

Regular SIM vs nano-SIM
Here we can see an everyday SIM card (proper) in comparison with a nano-SIM (left):

A Nano-SIM compared with an SIM card

It seems a lot smaller, and the entire of the Nano-SIM can match inside the steel on the typical SIM card. Because of this you may suppose the SIM playing cards use entirely different expertise. But they aren’t; the Nano-SIM is an identical kind of SIM card because the common SIM, it’s simply had all the surplus trimmed off. Most of that extra is card however a few of it is usually the silicon.

Spotting SIM card pointers
You may even see some reviews on-line that counsel you measure the SIM card with a ruler. This used to work with an outdated model Micro-SIM playing cards. Nevertheless it doesn’t work when creating a brand new Nano-SIM. For this, it is advisable to place a Nano-SIM over the metallic of the previous SIM and line it up by eye.

Some SIM playing cards, handily, have information marks on the metallic of the sim. These enable you to line up the Nano SIM on the conventional SIM card and give you the space to chop out.

Sim card information marks

How to measure up your SIM card
Place the Nano-SIM on high of the universal SIM with the lower-nook on each SIM playing cards within the prime-proper (as proven within the image). Use the information traces to line up the steel of the SIM card in the identical central place on your SIM card. Make certain you line up the central metallic a part of the SIM card and never the encompassing plastic. Different SIM playing cards have completely different metallic vs card dimensions, so you should measure aging the metallic space directly. You need to be trying to line up the central a part of the steel in your full-sized SIM card.

With the Nano-SIM lined up towards the standard SIM draw across the Nano-SIM (and on to the universal SIM) with a pointy pencil. This creates a tent so that you can reduce round. Do not fear about marking the nook, take note of marking the perimeters of the Nano-SIM precisely.

Measure up SIM card

Cutting your SIM
Softly, softly catchy monkey is the phrase you wish to use right here. It is healthier to trim your SIM card again a little bit bit at a time and never an excessive amount of. Then use a file to filed down the perimeters. We often begin with the highest piece of card and the edges earlier than fastidiously clipping the underside (you can too only file down the underside).

We are utilizing a pair of small nail scissors to chop by way of the SIM card. It is often as straightforward to shop via the steel of the SIM card as it's a plastic card surrounding it. You may also use conventional scissors however the smaller pair provide extra accuracy. If you might be utilizing nail scissors, you should use a pair that's straight and never with a slight curve. It’s higher to trim it barely giant and squeezed it in, reasonably than lower of an excessive amount of and it's wiggling round contained in the SIM card slot. Trim off the nook manually.

Cutting SIM Card

Measure into the Nano-SIM tray
Now place the lower up SIM card on prime of the Nail-SIM tray from the iPhone F/4s. It must be too massive to suit into the Nano-SIM tray. This is an efficient factor. Now it's worthwhile to trim the SIM card down little by little till it suits snugly into the tray. Now slide the Nano-SIM card into the iPhone.

That ought to be it. Turn the iPhone on and iOS ought to say Searching within the high left, adopted by the title of your service supplier.