Rubik's Cube 2d

Rubik's Cube 2d

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Rubik's Cube 2d Rubik's Cube 2d Rubik's Cube 2d

Game description

Rubik's Cube 2d ( Cubo Rubik ) is fun at all for those who like puzzles and Rubik's cube.
2d Rubik's Cube game is

Rubik's Cube game is a 2D puzzle game that consists of laying horizontally
or vertically squares of the same color.

Rubik's cube how to solve: Eby square changed his position, we need
to with a click and shift to move it to the desired location for us.
Players will have three levels which differ in the quantity
of colored squares:
rubik cube 3x3
rubik cube 4x4
rubik cube 5x5

Rubix Cube is perfect Funbrain games for kindergarten.
Rubix cube solver is the perfect game for your free time.

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